Monday, July 9

Bridport Floods July 2012

Crazy weekend.  Major flooding in Bridport at the weekend which our house was lucky enough to avoid, but some friends of ours were not so fortunate.  The water levels just kept on going up throughout the day on Saturday, and by the afternoon I was round at my mum's, barricading her door with anything we could find.  The water got within 5 yards of her door before it started to subside... phew!

The video above is the way we walk to school.  The playing fields were a lake!

That's not me talking by the way but a jolly passer by.  In fact everyone was strangely jolly, considering the situation.


  1. i know i was thinking of you! glad you're ok, and that you were able to help others. crazy indeed. they have finally ended all the hosepipe bans. i think we've had enough rain now!

  2. Oh my goodness how dramatic! So glad you and your Mum's houses escaped the water. Fingers crossed that's the worst of the rain over with, especially for Bridport! x

  3. I hope that's it now and no more flooding for you, great your mums house was ok fingers eyes and toes crossed for a bit of sunshine now!x

  4. Thanks guys. There was definitely a "wartime" spirit about the town that day.

  5. Take care of yourselves... here's to some dry days for a while! x