Friday, June 29


Still painting scrolls.

It's interesting work trying to match in with the original painting.  Not only do you have to match the design up and get the paint and stain colours right, but you have to copy the "hand" that painted the original.

I like it when I have to copy really expertly painted work because it pushes me on and improves my hand.

In this case, the originals were clearly painted quite hastily and are a little slapdash, so I have to go down a level.  The temptation to tidy things up is very strong, but I have to remember to leave in all those half-tones and wobbles and blobs.

I came across these lovely letterpress prints by Julia Rothman on Pinterest the other day - nice to see scrollwork getting a contemporary update!

You know those fantasy jobs you dream about landing in your inbox?  This would be one of them - a collaboration to turn these into stained glass windows.

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  1. I love wobbles and blobs! makes it look more real and hand done:) gorgeous work:)