Monday, February 2


A few images from the longest and most tedious month of the year.

We went on some good walks, I started the process of getting my new (bigger!) workshop ready to move into and I cut a lot of glass for a large panel I'm working on.

Monday, January 12

T-shirt Design for Soulshine Café

I was recently asked to design a t-shirt for my friend Lisa's side-project to her bustling café Soulshine. As well as getting some printed with the Soulshine Café logo which I designed, she also asked illustrator Suzanna Hubbard to add a couple of her charmingly exuberant designs.

Although I was curious to see how one of my stained glass designs would look as a t-shirt, I thought it would be a good opportunity to brush up my Photoshop skills and work on a completely new design.

Inspired the dazzling array of gap-toothed kiddos exiting from Class Three every afternoon (one of them being my own) and the endless comparison of gaps, stumps, wobblability etc, I created a little gang of peg-toothed weirdos.

If you're curious about the latin motto at the bottom, Google Translate will sort you out.

The t-shirts are a limited edition and available to buy directly from Soulshine (☏ 01308 422821) and are available in a range of children's sizes.

Thursday, January 1

Bear & Rabbit Woodland Stained Glass Panel - Wedding Gift Commission

I loved making this panel, which shipped off to New York just before Christmas.

The client commissioned the panel as a belated wedding gift to friends, whose summer wedding was in a beautiful woodland setting.

I wanted the panel to look like it had perhaps come from a children's picture book, but at the same time capture the romantic nature of the wedding.

For the foliage in the foreground, I looked to William Morris for inspiration, which is always a good place to look.

Friday, December 19

Some really cool things have come out of making stuff and posting it online in the past 5(ish) years.  Like this, or this and this.

But the most recent is really one of the very nicest. My longtime internet-and-real friend Francesca Iannaccone sent me these great pictures from the primary school art class that she helps out in. The teacher had brought in some images to use as source material for the kids to work from, and some of them were mine.

Look at these! Frankly I think they are far superior to the originals.

Tuesday, November 25

Christmas Exhibitions, New Cards and an Apology...

If you subscribe to my newsletter, you can skip this blogpost, because it's essentially a copy and paste I worked really hard to ensure that my blog and newsletter are both on-message.

Firstly I'm taking part in two Christmas Exhibitions, at two of my favourite galleries: Fox and Worthington (in my hometown of Bridport) and Rostra Gallery in Bath as part of the Bath Christmas Market - my work will be available in their wooden chalet (now doesn't that sound cosy?). Available to buy will be all the usual suspects - Singing Birds, Egg Men, Cheeky Sprouts etc... And by popular request, I have made some more Russian Dolls, although I have tweaked the design a little.

I've also had two new card designs printed - you know, for Christmas. They will be available to buy at Fox and Worthington and I've also listed them in my Folksy and Etsy shop. Two Brussel Sprouts giving each other the side eye and my alt. Santa creation - Caspar. 

Lastly, an apology.  My Etsy shop.  Is virtually bare.  Which is good for me because it means that I've sold lots of things lately, bad for you because it is unlikely I'll get time to make many more things before Christmas as I have a couple of nice commissions that I need to finish asap.  But if that situation changes I'll let my newsletter subscribers hear first - you can sign up to receive a (non-spammy, infrequent) copy over there in the sidebar.  

Thursday, November 13

Victorian Stained Glass Roundel - White Lilies

I've been very remiss at posting completed projects on here lately, mainly because work is coming in back-to-back at the moment and I barely have time to photograph it, let alone edit it and get it online! Luckily I suffered a bout of insomnia the other night (which coincided with the clocks going back - probably the most annoying of all nights to be suffering), so this roundel that I painted to replace the damaged original is one of the few that I have managed to do.

Currently I'm working on stock for a couple of Christmas exhibitions (more on that soon), a large panel with lots of irises, a bear and a rabbit in the woods and some freelance work for a couple of other stained glass studios. It's a little hectic on the workbench right now...

Saturday, October 18

Hedgerow Jelly (Autumn in a Jar)

If you have kids and, like mine, they love to collect everything and anything they spot while out walking (shells, stones, feathers, broken blue and white pottery, coins, bottle tops etc. etc. etc.) then you might enjoy making this with them.

On our last walk we collected all sorts of edible Autumnal treasure - crab apples, sloes, rose hips, rowan berries, black berries, haws... but what to do with it all? Hedgerow Jelly, that's what.

We found this recipe, which worked brilliantly, and really you can be fairly flexible with what you put in, depending on what you find.  Always be careful to check that what you have picked is actually edible though, and not deadly nightshade berries for example. Make sure you wash everything thoroughly before starting.

As long as the sugar to juice ratio is 1 pound : 1 pint, you should be ok. And we totally cheated and squeezed the muslin straining bag (which looked like something out of a terrible slasher movie as the thick, red, viscous liquid oozed over our hands). Yes our jelly is a little cloudy, but we got twice as much, which is more important than perfection in my jam making school.

Then when it was done and poured into jars, we made labels (Isla's was so nice I copied hers).

It tastes very nice on porridge, crumpets and pancakes and would probably be very nice with game too, as it is quite sharp and sweet.

Wednesday, October 1


These roundels are about 100 years old.  They have been set free from some old panels which I am dismantling and re-using to make some new door panels.  But first I had to have a bit of play with them.  They are such gorgeous textures and colours.  The black lines are snippets of lead from my workbench.

It's interesting to make yourself stop work and play for a bit.  There is much value in "unnecessary creativity" (I'm stealing the term from this podcast).

Saturday, September 20

Crafty Ladies - Bugs & Fishes

I was recently interviewed by Laura (aka Lupin) on her Bugs and Fishes blog as part of her excellent  Crafty Ladies series.

Laura's is one of the very first blogs I ever read, so it's really nice to appear on it, and it was interesting to look back over a few of my projects from the past 12 months.

It also sparked a little conversation about Blogging Vs Instagram, which has motivated me to post more regularly here again (or at least try to!).

You can read the interview here.

Eagle-eyed stained glass folks will notice I have neither scratched or tallowed my solder joints in this picture.  It was late, I needed a workshop picture, it was just me and a self timer.  I forgot.  Rest assured when I actually soldered this panel I did scratch and tallow first :)

Wednesday, July 2

Instagram Addiction / PicTapGo

Sorry about the blog absence.

I have no excuse, other than a slightly unhealthy addiction to The 'Gram.

But as a result of this, I am stunned and delighted to have been chosen as this week's featured photographer by PicTapGo (my mobile photo-editing app of choice).

You can have a look on their blog over here.

Saturday, June 7

Contemporary Stained Glass Exhibition - One Square Foot

Some details from my contemporary stained glass panels currently on show as part of the One Square Foot exhibition (with Stuart Low and Christian Ryan), running for a couple more weeks until 21st June.

Thursday, May 15

Ready.... Steady.... Go....

First swim of the year at Burton Bradstock this evening.  It was great.

Photos by Nelly.

Knocking knees and chattering teeth by The English Channel.