Tuesday, April 8, 2014

This / That


From top to bottom:

1) Lots of freelance work lately - mainly copying roundels damaged in storms. 
2) Wooden stepstool, a bargain.
3) Tools of the trade.
4) Sick day - defacing Boden catalogues with the kid.
5) More freelancing...
6) Running 10km.  Actually 11.
7) Visiting London.
8) Eating way too much dim sum in Chinatown.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

To blog or not...

Blogging.  A constant dilemma.  Seems entirely superfluous these days.  But then I read sweet, funny posts like this, or see beautiful photos like these and think, Yes, there is a point.

From top to bottom:

1) Work in progress on exhibition panels
2) There are always funny little things I find when tidying the girls' rooms 
3) Auditioning new bird shapes
4) That day when it felt like summer, even at 7am
5) My favourite beach activity

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Logo Design, Soulshine Cafe Bridport, Dorset

I've been itching to post about this for ages, but wanted to wait until the café was open so I could get some shots of the interior as well.

My friend Lisa approached me a while ago to ask if I'd design a logo for the new café (including shop, deli, juice bar, coffee house) that she was opening.  I sketched a few initial designs involving coffee cups, juice drips, that kind of thing, but nothing really encompassed the whole of the venture.

So Lisa suggested the idea of a character that summed up the ethos of the café: creative, wholesome, curious, adventurous, playful, fresh...

She had kept a party invitation I had drawn for Isla's birthday about 5 years ago, and said she had always loved it.  So that little sketch of mischievous, bold 2 year old Isla became the basis for The Soulshine Kid.

The café is stunning.  Lisa and Chris have done a fine job of creating a place that people are already flocking to, because it is just such a great space.

Selling independent magazines, children's books, Moomin mugs and other delights, alongside artisan bread and deli-produce, this is way more than just a café.

Their attention to detail is awe-inspiring, and the fact that they have used pretty much all local tradespeople and craftsmen in the build, as well as suppliers of the food and produce is commendable.

I'm thrilled to have played a small part in this endeavour, and lucky for me it's just down the road from my house.  My flat-white consumption just increased ten-fold.

Even more thrilling is seeing random people out and about sipping from their takeaway cups, with the kid on.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Studio Spy

If you've ever wondered just what the heck goes on in The Round Window's odd little world, you can have a look at the Folksy blog, they've featured my workshop in their Studio Spy series.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

One Square Foot - Contemporary Stained Glass Exhibition

Press release for the exhibition I am taking part in with Stuart Low and Christian Ryan in May.

Further information can be found at onesquarefoot.co.uk, or contact myself or Chris.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Stained Glass "Officially Cool"

I'd just got over the thrill of seeing a feature on contemporary stained glass on Design Sponge a couple of weeks ago, and now here is Apartment Therapy trumpeting it as the new cool thing to have in your home.  And not only that, one of the featured shops on Etsy last week was Bespoke Glass, interesting geometric glass items made using the copperfoil technique.

Move over, wobbly ceramics*, there's a new kid in town.

*Don't get me wrong, I'm still pretty crazy about wobbly  ceramics.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Etsy Shop Update / Newsletter

I've just updated my Etsy shop with lots of new things, including two new designs - Sneaky Shrooms and Sweet Heart.

All the items in my shop are now In Stock and ready to post within 1-3 days of receiving your order.  I am unable to take custom orders at the moment, but if there's a design you'd really like to see in the shop, let me know and I'll make sure I add it in to the next update (at the end of February).

Newsletter sent out to those who have already subscribed (thank you very much).

And if you want to find out when the next update is (and maybe get a cheeky discount code), sign up for the next newsletter over there on the sidebar.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

To Do, Done.

MailChimp - Done ⎷ (see right, where it says Subscribe, to er, subscribe)

Studio Tidy - Done ⎷ (including throwing out some very old price lists)

Paint Chart Doodling - Done ⎷ (not sure that one was on the list, but good to get it ticked off anyway...)

Re-Opening Etsy & Folksy Shops - Done ⎷
New items to be listing in Etsy shop at the end of January.  Folksy shop will now only be selling cards & postcards.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

To Do List.


I was all set to come back to this blog after the Christmas break full of excellent pictures and great resolutions and exciting new work projects.  

Instead I got an ear infection which burst my eardrum and it's left me a bit lacking in vim and vigour.

When normal service has resumed, here are a few things I would like to do:

1) Set up MailChimp.  
I have plans to streamline the way I do things, and one of the ways of doing that is to change the way I run my Etsy shop.  Currently I make to order.  This is a stupid way of doing things.  It means I sometimes have to fire up my kiln for one little bird.  Not very cost effective or environmentally friendly.  So when I reopen my shop, I will make pieces in batches, and have a monthly shop update.  That way I can also try out new designs more easily and it will leave me with more free time each month to work on larger projects.  In order to let people know that I have new stock in the shop, I'll send out a newsletter - which means I need to get my head around MailChimp.

2) Apply for a CPD Award.
A Continuing Professional Development Award is given by the Worshipful Company of Glaziers each year to 2 established stained glass artists in order for them to learn new skills or further existing ones.  I would love to attend one of Deborah Coombs glass painting classes in Vermont to learn a whole host of new techniques using an alternative paint mixing medium called propylene glycol.  Deadline is 31st January, so I really need to get on to this asap.

3) Make Some New Work.
In May I am taking part in a joint exhibition with 2 other contemporary stained glass artists, Stuart Low and Christian Ryan.  The show is called One Square Foot and we are each exhibiting 3 panels (of 12" x 12") at Chris's studio (I'll put up more details nearer the time).  I definitely need to get started on at least thinking about the designs for those.

4) Studio/Office Redecoration/Reorganisation
On the resolution list for the 3rd year running, still not achieved.  Maybe 2014 will be the year...

5) Use My Kiln To Make Some Clay Things
I've been meaning to do this for ages.  I'm not just jumping on the ceramics bandwagon, honestly.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Post.

Just a quickie to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  

This is Caspar, one of the new designs that I did for the Fox and Worthington Winter show. He's a modern day Wise Man - he doesn't bring you a load of old tut that you didn't want, just one really special thing that you love.

See you in January, lots of exciting new things afoot in 2014!  

Monday, December 16, 2013

Icon Design for TreatNOW App

I love it when I get random incoming.  Y'know, the kind of email that plops into your inbox that looks interesting and shiny and full of possibility.

A few weeks ago, I was approached by a new app that is soon to launch.  The founder, Sara Hill said that she'd had one of my stained glass designs on her pinboard for the look of the app since day one, and it occurred to her to try and track down who made it and ask if they would design the icons.

"Oh that sounds really exciting" I said in my head, but then the other half of my brain said "Ha, yeah, shame you know nothing about designing icons for apps".

Luckily for optimistic brain side, Sara wanted the icons to have a hand-drawn feel, not to be computer designed and basically "Just do your thing".  So lots of black felt-tip pen and paper later, here they are (ok, I did the colouring and tweaking on the computer).

The app is called TreatNOW, and frankly it's genius and is going to be huge.  The app will put you in touch with health and beauty practitioners wherever and whenever you need one.  So say you're at a conference in London and you suddenly get terrible toothache, TreatNOW will not only tell you where the nearest dentist is, it'll tell you if they have an appointment.

The app is currently in development, with a mini-launch and trial in France and a full launch in London later next year.

It's been great working on the icons, and pessimistic brain side has had to eat major humble pie.