Monday, July 11

Peg Dolls / Winners

I'm recovering from 4th Birthday Party mayhem, although we did have a great day, the weather behaved itself and the bunting fluttered to order, so all good.

I decided that I'd had enough buying plastic crap to put in the party bags, and I'd seen a couple of things on Pinterest that gave me the idea to make some peg dolls to put in the bags (along with the usual sweeties and obligatory balloon). No time for complicated stitchery though. But then I remembered this book that I'd been given by my sister for Christmas. Aha, I thought... paper skirts! I love folded paper!

Not only that, after a recent shopping spree (read: revoltingly over-the-top splurge at a certain fashion establishment *coughwhitestuffsalecough*) I had a good stash of little bits of haberdashery that I saved from the swing tags: lace, twine, velvet ribbon etc.

I used pvc electrical tape to make their bodices. It is possibly my new favourite material. Stretchy. Sticky. Lots of colours. Available from just about anywhere.

I was even organised enough to take a few in-progress shots like a real proper blogger.

The girls spent a long time trying to decide which one they wanted in their party bag. Yes, even the host kids get a party bag round here.... and why not, it does take the sting out of everyone going home a bit.


Thanks to everyone who commented on the giveaway. The lucky winners are....

No. 23, which is Maddie and No. 38 which is Rike. Congratulations - I shall start on your leaves tomorrow! Sorry, I would love to be able to furnish you all with a little something. Maybe I'll have to start doing giveaway party bags, so that no-one has to go home empty handed...


  1. The peg dolls are beautiful, a world apart from the Godawful Yet Desirable Stuff that usually comes home in party bags. I would have stolen those from my children had they been your guests. Congratulation to the two leaf-owners, and how generous of you to give two!

  2. Oh I do love a peg-doll, so cute and yours have wonderfully dapper.

    Congratulations to the winners- you lucky ducks! xx

  3. well exactly! can't you send us all a peg doll for a commiseration pressie? i love them, v clever and pretty. lovely idea, i hate all that plastic crap. need to think ahead now. x

  4. Love the pegdolls - homemade partybags your new line of business?

  5. Oh yes! These are amazing. I'm with Francesca, can I have a peg doll goodie bag please? ;0)...Lou x

  6. Great idea, I'd have loved that in a party bag when I was younger....if party bags had existed then :) (we walked miles bare foot to school and only had bread and water for our lunch back then as well - lol!)

  7. Peg dolls are amazing!! How does it feel to have a 4 year old?!!
    Shame I wasn't a lucky winner - but I echo what others have said, so lovely of you to give away. x

  8. They are beautiful! I look at them everyday and me little heart flutters at the prettiness.

  9. such charming peg dolls Flora! I'd love to receive one in a party bag!! ( I'm a bit older than 4 tho!)

  10. the leave arrived today, and i'm totally in love ... it s gonna have a special place in our new home soon :)

    thanks again & all the best

  11. Heck I LOVE these - been googling for peg dolls for Christmas and these have shot to the top of my list. Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. They are very cute, all of them:)