Tuesday, July 5

Little Things

Little things have been making me happy lately.
Mostly purchases.

New oilcloth for the kitchen table from Viva La Frida

Bumper pack of original Topsy and Tims from Ebay.


Still plenty of time to enter my GIVEAWAY, if you haven't already.
Come here and have a look.


  1. Sometimes the little purchases are what we need to make our day! The kitchen oilcloth is beautiful!

  2. Oh the beloved Topsy and Time, we loved my Gran reading us those :)

  3. I love the look of the Topsy and Tim books. Great illustrations... are they easy to come by on ebay?

  4. Yeah, there's usually a few on there. It's getting them for good price that is the tricky bit. These worked out at less than £2 each, but sometimes they go for a lot more. Both my girls LOVE them. Something about the way Tim is always a little bit naughty or on the edge of throwing a tantrum that tickles them. The new ones aren't nearly so enjoyable - too PC!