Saturday, July 16

Treasury Time

I was reminded by this post from Mrs Eliot Books to blog up
a few lovely Etsy Treasuries I've been featured in recently.
Took me a while to "get" treasuries
(a way of Etsy buyers and sellers showcasing their favourite things),
but I always find it massively flattering to have my work included in them.

This one, by Amanda from Mangle Prints includes loads of my all-time Etsy heroes:

And this one by the fantastic Fric de Mentol is just pure joy:

And this one, by pencil jewellery supremo HuiYi Tan is very slick and stylish:

There we go. Trumpet-blowing done. Parpitty-parp.


  1. what lovely treasuries you've been featured in! ive kind of stopped using etsy, but when i see treasuries like this, it makes me want to start again! i particularly like the black & white themed one which is strange as im usually drawn to colour! lovely things, may have to take a little at them in more detail! x

  2. Oh lovely company to be with too! I love doing treasuries, I like to pretend I own a very stylish gallery or shop. loux

  3. you can parp on your own blog as much as you like- it's what they're for. Yay!

  4. gorgeous treasuries! isn't it lovely to pop up in treasuries with people you admire. x p.s. thanks for the mention, glad i inspired. p.p.s gonna have to take a closer look and do some more pinning now. sheesh!