Wednesday, July 20


I got a couple of great books out of my local library recently, which really surprised me, because most of the volumes in the Art and Design section are normally rather ancient and uninspiring.

The first book was Play Pen, a really enjoyable book which we've all had a good thumb through, and found some new books to add on to our children's picture book wishlist.

Then I also found this one, which is a telephone-directory sized tome, jam-packed with images from graphic designers' sketchbooks. A thoroughly inspiring read - it's really interesting to see how different artists record their creative processes.

So I thought I'd open up a couple of pages from my sketch/note books. Sometimes I'm scribbling down an idea for a new design, or reworking an existing one, or taking notes, or just doodling.

My favourite place to sketch ideas is on train journeys. I often look forward to the journey more than the destination. I like small sketchbooks the best, A6 size with either plain or lined paper, I'm not fussy. I've really enjoyed these ones which I got for Christmas. I've filled up 2 of them already, just got the octopus one to go...

Sometimes the kids get hold of them and put their sketches in too.


  1. I bought the first one from the Yorkshire Sculpture Park last year and I love it!

  2. Oooo like your new header me dear. Lovely jubbly. x

  3. Play Pen looks right up my alley. From the library you say?
    Loved looking at your sketch books... do you think an aptitude for art/creativity is genetic??

  4. great to see your sketches, love the hedgehog! I've got the playpen book too, it's very inspiring!

  5. Haha, that last picture made me chuckle! I love looking back through sketch books.