Sunday, July 24

Retro Roost

I've just started selling my work on the very new and shiny Retro Roost. Their aim is to showcase a maximum of 99 British designers on their online design fair. I think they have a few more slots available, if anyone is interested. They offer a very reasonable deal to sellers and I think the site looks really clean and user-friendly. I like the way that they have organised the categories too - sometimes I go on to Etsy or Folksy to find something specific and it can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Here are some items from other sellers on there that have caught my eye....


  1. Oooh Retro Roost looks great. I had not heard of it, and as you say sometimes Etsy and Folksy can be tricky to search. I loved the items you flagged... especially the stick of rock :D
    Off to nosy some more at the Roost.

  2. I love the Mr Rock poster going to check out Retro roost now, good luck on there x