Tuesday, July 26

Victorian Birds x 2

I recently finished painting these two birds to post off to Crewe, to be leaded into a pair of stained glass panels being made by a leaded-light maker up there. They are copies from an original set of domestic Victorian stained glass door panels, with the addition of the graduated yellow silver stain background, which I think works really well, giving an almost 3-dimensional quality to them. It did mean an extra firing in the kiln though, which brought the total number of firings up to 5. Always nerve-wracking doing that final and sometimes unpredictable silver stain firing.


  1. beautiful! i hadn't realised you do so many firings. that must make you nervous.

  2. I'd lost my Klaxon for ages with being away and a slow Internet connection, but your birds are exquisite and worth klaxoning to the hilltops. The yellow gives them such a timeless dignity to counterbalance their prettiness, well worth the wracking of nerves.