Wednesday, July 27

Tentacles / Spectacles

I love the alien, tentacular look of this little fern
that grows on the walls around here.


Inspired by this and this, we've had much fun with


  1. aww, look at those rosy cheeks :)

  2. Oooh two beautiful images... My daughter would love some glasses like that, for some reason this week she is obsessed with wanting/needing glasses! I love the parrallel with the tentacle/ ferns unfurling too... they really do look like sea creatures in the photo xx

  3. Oh fab fab fabulous! It's great seeing the pic properly. It's such a goodun.

    Amazing fern too.

    You have probably by now seen the photo of myself covered from head to toe in paint. Thankfully I was actually wearing my glasses, as I would've got much more in my eye than I already did!


  4. Haha- these are brilliant! And your fern is whack-tastic! x