Monday, February 28

Nice Things

I love Elisabeth's Fine Little Gallery she has started...
Nelly was pleased as punch to see her picture on there

She was also the lucky winner of this gorgeous dress
by Nellystella on the Small Magazine blog.

And the sun's been out again.
Both in the sky and on the Folksy front page.


  1. Oh well done Nelly - a great start to your week!

  2. nelly's picture is brills! what's going on? moody fairies? re your comment, i am on blogging fire! don't know what's wrong with me. loving your pinterest by the way, trying not to repin everything so we at least have slightly different boards! we have very similar taste. x

  3. well done nelly, i can't get over the expressions of her characters...they're full of guile and emotion , i think she may be a genius...... and what a great site....laughed out loud at little guy whose dog turned into a vampire....