Monday, February 21


Finally, a day where the sun shone and the skies
were blue and full of tufty clouds.
And the children played and paddled in bare feet,
as only small children can in February.


  1. no such luck on the east coast flora, still dark and drizzly here. i long to see some blue sky, looks glorious. x

  2. fantastic! send a bit of that sunshine up north will you! love the last paddling snap, kids just don't feel the cold, :)

  3. Brilliant. Children are so tough. We have sun today and it is fabulous! Juliex

  4. We too had that day, and we went to the seashore, in our wellies, mind you, not being as hardy as you lot, but now it has all vanished and we're covered by a misty damp murk, so we're going to take another look at some of your bright glass pieces just to hearten ourselves. Chocolate would have the same effect but we have none.

  5. So nice to see the sun sometimes. We seem to have had a particularly grey and wet winter so far. Glad the children enjoyed themselves.