Friday, March 4

Bedtime Reading

I've got a great stack of books on the go at the moment.
All courtesy of my recent birthday and the joy of the Amazon wishlist.

I can't get enough of the "anti-styling" of The Selby.
People's houses a bit untidy and full of weird stuff, just like mine!


  1. happy birthday and a top pile of books - i love the bizare collection of covers. I have managed a bit of reading lately but novels and a book on duck keeping - which i hope is in my future. hope you got spoiled and ate an obscene amount of cake.

  2. your wish list looks a lot like mine! I love the look of the Angie Lewin book, let me know what it's like:)

  3. Wow, you have the new Angie Lewin book that I want. It is on my Amazon wishlist too. I have the Orla Kiely and it is wonderful. Happy reading.

  4. Lovely selection! belated birthday wishes too! I had the Angie Lewin for Christmas, it's beautiful isn't it. I've been keen to take a peek inside the Peynet book for ages to see what's in there as I have his old lovers' books which are fab!