Wednesday, December 9

100th Post Baby Bird Giveaway!

I know, I am rather shocked that I have managed to find 100 things to say myself.

But before we get on with that, I've got more important things to do. Namely, blowing my own trumpet. Parp. There. You see, I got runner-up in the Folksy Upcycled Xmas Competition. In the Quality of Craft Work category, which I am really delighted about. This is what judge Louise Roe said:

"I’ve always admired the craftsmanship that goes into Stained Glass, and I particularly love this piece and the inspiration behind it. The colours from the individual bottles and glass sourced really compliment each other, and I like the fact that it is inspired by a Suzanne Vega song. Music is increasingly an integral part of the inspiration behind fashion and art, and there is fantastic expression in the little girls face."

Anyway, enough about that - more importantly, bidding has commenced and there are 146 wonderfully hand-crafted items up for grabs, with all proceeds going to Sue Ryder Care - when I last looked the total bids on items was up to £400, but I think we can do much better than that! Folksy are hosting the auction on Ebay for greater exposure and because people are more familiar with the format. You'll see I've added a link at the top of my sidebar, so when you've finished up here, go and have a little potter about over there and bid bid bid!

In fact, in order to check that you really are going to have a look, the proviso for my Giveaway is that you have to leave a comment telling me what your favourite item is (other than mine, obviously). And then you'll go into the hat to win a lickle wickle baby fledgling birdy. This one to be precise:

Everyone clear on that? Comments before 12pm on Wednesday 16th December please!
This is open to regular listeners and first-time-callers alike as well as far-flung-folk.

P.S. for some reason, I have decided it is now a GOOD IDEA to be on Twitter. So I am.


  1. Many congratulations!!!
    How fantastic, but not supprised that your work was recognised, it's so beautiful:)))

    Of the other winners my favourite was Ingrid, the upcycled Barbie!! She looks so sophisticated, and I love the before and after pictures on her Folksy site - what a transformation!

    That little birdy is adorable, I'd give it lots of love (I'd have 3 pairs of little grabbing hands to fight off first - TeeHe) XXX

  2. well done, your trumpet makes a lovely parp sound . I really liked the upcycled cake stand but i really really liked yours the best...only you won't let me say that.....
    congrats on 100 posts and let me know how that twittering works out...i'm resisting it primarily because i don't use a mobile phone and i think thats a prerequisite is it ?

  3. Hey, well done for Folksy!!! Very well deserved (should have been joint-first prize if you ask me!)
    I think my other favourite is the jug slip cover and the textile collage, both of which I posted on my blog.

    Anyway, wouldn't it be funny if I were to win your 100th post giveaway...

  4. How could you do this to me - I was all set not to buy anything superfluous this Christmas and now my heart is alight with upcycled desire!

    Very hard to choose a favourite, I was caught between the subtle and chic Amelia wool brooch and the wistful felted Moon/Moth bag and arm warmers, but then Mr Precious stole my heart because he has his on a little string that pops in a pocket in his chest. I've got my eye on Mr Precious because you're never too old for a squidgy toy are you?

    I notice that your piece is the second most valuable offering, bravo! I have also succumbed to twitter....why, why? x x x

  5. The shabby chic skirt and Ingrid the aloof and intriguing doll, and your colourful glass girl of course. That's a lovely endorsement from the judge: well done! I'm still not a Twitter convert but it looks as though that's where the in-crowd are nowadays. Do let us know what they're saying.

  6. Apart from your lovely glass panel (for which I am the highest bidder...for now, anyhow...) I am also bidding on the Wool Felt Cocktail Hat by Lupin Handmade, there are so many great designs.

    The sweet bird I bought from you a while ago is on it's way to Germany so I would love the chance to win another as I had become rather attached!

  7. I love the recycled leather flower brooch. But your piece is so clever! What a lovely blog, I definetly be beack to read more.

  8. Congratulations! Your panel is so lovely and christmassy - perfect for the competition. My 'other' favourite is the wine bottle candleabra, very cute.

    I was amazed that I also got a runner up, for my cake stand, so I feel in very good company :)

  9. oh well done you! I must say the first three who I assume are winners are among my favourites - lie back and think of england and an upcycled barbie - hilarious! I also love moon and moth though as well.
    Well done again and fingers crossed - do us over the waves mob count?

  10. Hi Flo,

    Congratulations! Apart from yours I love the flapper inspired headdress made from a tie...super cool! x

  11. oh very many congratulations! well worth a parp!

    i like fly me to the moon and the 1950s candle holders. and that picnic rug.

    and twitter, eh? i do not need an(other) excuse to be entranced by the mac book. although, it's appealing. i do like a pithy one liner.

  12. I'd happily say yours, in fact that's how I found you. Googled after loving your red bobble hat. However that's not the rules.

    Elephante has a real charm I love his odd eyes and sweet message i his ear.

    I hope you enjoy twitter I find it a crafters treasure trove.

  13. twitter's great :-D as is your work.

    aside from yours my fav is the tweed jacket bag - v clever I think


  14. Well I will say that your lovely stained glass is my very favorite. I also am very much liking the set of three pebble brooches, as a good friend is very fond of orange, and of course jumping on the Ingrid bandwagon, hard to believe somewhere inside there is a barbie, she looks so very proper and a bit distracted.

  15. Oh,this is really cute and lovely!!! :)