Sunday, December 13

I can sew too you know.

Oh yes, it's not all glass, glass, glass round here. I can do felt and blanket stitch too. I was going to show you my (other, non-Playmobil) advent calendar a few days ago, but then the whole 100th post thing and Auction business kind of got in the way. You're probably all bored to tears of lovingly hand-crafted advent calendars now, but just in case you can still stomach another, here's the one I made last year. I put a couple of Haribo (gets the kids all nice and crazy first thing in the morning) in each stocking, and also, because deep down I actually just love a plain and simple open-the-cardboard-flap style calendar, I put a little picture cut out from last year's Christmas cards in each one too.

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  1. That's ever so charming. Much nicer than the silly peppa pig advent calendars that are reigning in our house. When can you and your sewing-basket visit?

  2. and really beautiful and clever they are too....your talent knows no bounds mizz may , [nice book shelves too .....]

  3. Am I too old for an advent calendar? I would love one of those stockingy ones.

    My poor sons only ever got cardboard and cheap chocolate ones (what a rotten mother)- and the chocolate out of those got snarfed by December 3rd.

    I shall try harder if, and when I get grandchildren.

  4. blee, (affects bored expression) but no wait! i'm not bored of lovingly handcrafted anything, let alone tiny stockings! so sweet. our advent calendar is looking a little battered, due to over-eager little hands desperate for a chocolate fix.

    actually, you know what? next year i am really going Amish.

  5. We have a hand crafted one too, knitted socks and pouches on hessian, gifted to us when fin was a baby by a friend of Fin's Grandma who just loves to knit I guess?

    I started by filling the whole thing with treats but found that Fin's willpower didn't stretch that far. So now the fairies bring something every night secretly and put it in the relevant stocking. I thought Fin would have been like, sooo over fairies by now, but he still sits in front of the calendar every night of advent and thanks them and secretly hopes that they will bring club penguin cards next time...

    Yours is gorgeous, felt rocks.

    x x x

  6. Ah, yes, the advent fairy. I failed miserably on that one. I did try and keep the pretence going, but kept forgetting to put the sweets in the night before, and decided that i was struggling enough to keep the whole Santa thing a secret (what, sorry, you mean, you didn't know?) anyway, so I fessed up. She's cool with it.

    The lady in the veg shop nearly let the cat out of the bag yesterday, kept going on about how her daughter didn't believe any more! I am standing there with a nearly 6 year old (and a 2 year old). I kept trying to change the subject to sprouts.

  7. love love love! how sweet do those teenyweeny little stockings look! x