Monday, December 7


...I get an idea for a window or decoration, and I spend a bit of time working out how I'll do it, and then I forget about it for a bit, and then I come back to it some months later and rehash it, and finally I might even get round to making it. After a couple of weeks, I'll photograph it and eventually I'll list it in Folksy and it'll hang around there for a couple of months.

Very rarely, I'll have an idea, scribble it on a scrap of paper whilst in the Morrison's cafe (not my favourite place, I might add, I'm just there filling in the hour in between dropping elder daughter at school and taking younger daughter to toddler group), then go home, start it that evening, list it on Folksy as soon as it's finished, only to sell it some 12 hours after that. Actually, that's just happened the once. I am optimistic it will happen again though. Maybe.

Next post is my 100th. There may be a Giveaway. If anyone sees Mise, could they let her know.


  1. I'm not surprised! Your bits are wonderful - I just wish i had been organised - I loved htem.
    Look forward to 100 - and a giveaway - you are a wonder.

  2. I'm here, on 24 hour alert for your blog giveaway since last June. I also do security on your Folksy shop. It's a thankless and sometimes bloody job, but so far I think you'll agree that nothing has been stolen.

  3. Did you ever know that you're my hero?

  4. It's really lovely to compare the initial sketch with the finished piece..
    ....i went to have a look at your shop, i didn't see any of those lovely russian dolly type ones , maybe that was because that big burly threatening looking security guard was in the way...
    loving your new avatar

  5. hee - this is funny, i didn't know what you meant by that footnote, then i went to Mise's blog and read and read and read and pretty soon i got the picture. she funny.

    oh and 99 is worth celebrating too! here's to you!