Monday, September 28

Isn't She Lovely*

Look what I got today!!!!! My giveaway win from Debs at the unfailingly excellent Kickcan and Conkers. I think this has to be one of the nicest parcels I have ever received. Beautifully wrapped (although not for long when the little hands got to it) and more gorgeousness than I could have possibly imagined. The snap game, puzzle and book are divine, and Debs even sneaked in a beautiful little Polish story book and a card of one of Mark Hearld's ace linocuts (which I have somehow omitted to photograph - bad blogger).

Isla found her favourite thing in there too....

If you've not seen Deb's eyewateringly good blog, you must go immediately...your life will be the better for it.

*alright, alright, so I've used the L word...hey if it's good enough for Stevie Wonder...


  1. lucky you/your girls ....i can almost hear the bubble pop in that last picture .

  2. coo! oh, i am super-envious! what wonderful treats!

  3. Lovely gift wrap! Also love the goodies inside =)

  4. all gorgeous. that snap looks so familiar, i wonder if my granny had it.