Saturday, September 26

Hands up who likes to look at pretty fabric, vintage fabric, modern fabric, oh just any kind of fabric?

Yes, I thought so. Me too. How did I not know about True Up before?

I was researching mid-century farm imagery for a small panel I'm doing (a partner for Cockerel #3 - they were so pleased with it they want to order another...a cow this time). Here's just some of the bounty I found via True Up...

from janssendesigns

from sewing geek

sorry can't find provenance of this

No cows alas, but I couldn't sleep last night for dazzling patterns dancing through my head.


  1. Yes, that second fabric is so striking and jaunty - it already has a suggestion of stained glass about it in its bold simplicity and lovely lines.

  2. a love of fabric = a loss of storage space.....great link there .
    ....i've changed my banner....! ,i hope its easier on your poor 'wee' pc
    its very hard to trade in the old one , i know i've just done it myself but believe me ....its really worth it....

  3. Lovely colourful fabrics! I just wanted to say thank you for your sweet words regarding my lovely chook, Albertine, RIP. I couldn't find your email anywhere so I thought I'ld just go on and do it here. Take care!