Friday, October 2

New Arrival

*Harumph. As usual, the red glass has come out looking decidedly blurry on the blog when it's perfectly fine in the picture'll have to see it in the shop to believe me!

This is what's been cooking in the workshop over the last few days (along with the rest of the jobs that I can't seem to get to the end of). I made it for my friend who has just had her third baby...I figured that she might not get the same amount of attention that she did for her first and second - and surely you're going to need all the fuss you can get when you're on number three! So also in the box went a large bar of chocolate, Berrocca, sachets of Calpol, Infacol, Kamillosan...

I was so pleased with the way it turned out, and how much fun it was to make - so simple, just three pieces of glass (although one of them is a most troublesome shape to cut) and 4 solder joints. There might be a bit of Dick Bruna influence in there, alongside the whole 1950s circus vibe...

I even enjoyed wrapping it fact I think I like sending parcels almost as much as I like receiving them! Check out that dinky little elephant gift tag I made from some of Nelly's Hama Beads (which I am becoming seriously addicted to - and I'm not the only one).

Anyhoo, to cut a long story short, I've also just listed it in the shop, as a personalised made-to-order thingummyjig.

Hope you all have fun weekends!


  1. Oh it is beautiful - I agree making and sending is up there with recieving and had more long term joy I find. Lucky woman - chocolate will help I'm sure. You are such a clever maker!

  2. This is so sweet - what a kind gesture! I love sending presents too, I'm sure your friend will be over the moon. Clever you!

  3. I 'd say your friend is so delighted ... little ellie p is so cute....and wow, i can see that trunk side is a very troublesome piece to cut... did you wish you had a band saw? ( do you have one? , i thought i'd like to get one,primarily for maybe doing text,, bit of an investment though...)
    I LOVE miffy , i remember very distinctly it being the first book i ever got out of my school library ...i think i was 5

    Brains sends his best wishes

  4. Alas, no bandsaw...would be a nice thing to have but then again, I've always felt it's "cheating" somehow! mind you, that Polish glass is generally lovely to cut, wouldn't fancy trying to do it from a more brittle glass though...

    Talking of fantasy workshop gadgets, I keep dreaming about an engraving kit (and perhaps some lessons on how to use it...)

  5. I'd have been utterly delighted to receive that baby box. {Contemplates having another baby}

  6. oh my god you're clever, woman! i'm SO in love with your little elephant...
    on a completely different subject, you won't believe this, but you've only gone and won my bloody giveaway - didn't you win my last one too? and you won that one the other day - you must've been born under a lucky star or summat. i'm afraid my giveaway is not half as exciting as that one, but the magnets might pretty up your fridge! can you send me your address again please? luciesummers{at}
    thanks, and well done (again)

  7. great idea flora. super ellie and love those colours together. x

  8. Gorgeous elephant, Morris is a lucky baby! I agree, giving is so much fun. Congrats on your recent wins!

  9. Oh I love elephants, he is adorable, how clever are you lady?