Monday, June 29

Work not in progress.....

Drat! Isla seems to have decided that now she is (a week away from turning) 2, she no longer needs her afternoon nap. Hmmmm, how on earth does she expect me to get any work (read: blogging) done?

As a result, my flock of birds which I was so close to finishing, have stalled a bit...but they will be up in the shop soon!

I did a bona-fide afternoon's work on Friday, a bit of freelance work for another local stained glass company. They have a vast amount of 1960s church windows which need refurbishing, so I'm doing a bit here and there for them. Felt quite odd working on large heavy windows again having spent the last little while tinkering about with small-scale pieces, but nice to be getting my hands properly dirty again.

The rest of the weekend was magnificent, with aunts and grandmas and nieces and nephews to stay - so there was much beach action, along with camp-fire sing-songs, carboot sales and lots of lovely cake.

But this was the real highlight of the weekend:

In fact, it was "Oliver James" that really took the biscuit, but couldn't find any footage of that.

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