Wednesday, July 1

Topsy Turvy

We are lucky enough to have a wonderful secondhand bookshop next door to our house. Due to the fact that I am usually accompanied by 2 small rampaging girls, I don't get to spend nearly as much time in there as I'd like, but quite regularly Mike comes back with a little gem he has unearthed. Yesterday he brought home a fantastic book about fairy tales - origins of, illustrations from, original versions...well, you get the idea. I could spend half the night scanning in pages for your perusal, but alas, I have birthday party invitations to design and print off, so I'll just show you this (let's face it, rather haggard) Cinderella:

But hang on, look! Spin her around and there, as if by magic, is her (let's face it, very wizened) Fairy Godmother!

Quirky. Very quirksome.

Ooooh, ooh, one other thing, I just had to show you this most gorgeous print that I saw on the brilliant Loobylu's blog, by artist Vera Brosgol. Hmph, I want to spend an afternoon sitting in a tent knitting wearing stripey socks...


  1. Another lovely post Flora! To live next door to a second hand bookshop must be heaven! Um..I must admit I turned my head upside down to see if the Cinderella/Fairy Godmother picture worked, but I bet I'm not the only one who does, lol! How gorgeous is that tent picture!

  2. oh I covet that book - it looks like a great find! I agree with Omi - to live next door to a second hand book shop must be heaven - although a dangerous one!

  3. Oh my goodness I had a book with those illustrations as a child- I found them terrifying and compelling when you turned theme around,there were others as well just as scary! Stuff of nightmares!
    adorable picture,.. fallen in love with it

  4. What an amazing illustration and quite scary for little ones. If I lived next door to a second-hand bookshop I would never be in the house (but I would be very well read).