Saturday, July 4

An Invitation....

...which I have now finished tinkering with. I am really pleased with this - the little peeper looks just like Isla, who is a very teeny nearly-2-year-old, and therefore spends her life desperately trying to see and reach everything that her older sister can. I was going to do it in colour, but Nelly had so much fun colouring in all the not-quite-perfect versions I printed off, I thought I'd leave it as a line drawing for the recipients to do! I was vaguely batting around the idea of putting blank versions (i.e. no writing on the tablecloth) in my shops (either as a pdf to download, or ready-printed) but hmm, not sure I know how to go about that. What do you think?

It was a re-working of this doodle...which I may also do something with at some stage.

The rest of my time lately seems to have been spent scouring Ebay for knitted cakes and biscuits, to go in the party bags.

Sorry, bit of a party-themed post...but that's where my head is at right now.


  1. I love the invites, they are very special and the cakes, what a great idea. I may have to copy it. Although I must admit that I have abused ebay a bit too much today. :)

  2. love the invites and what a fab idea for party bags!

  3. Love the invite Flora. The recipients will love them I am sure. Great idea for the party bags too. Why were there never any party bags when I was growing up?

  4. What a fabulous invitation! Love the ideas for the party bags.

  5. Thanks so much for all your sweet comments...I am now in full party organising mode and will no doubt be crying into an unrisen victoria sponge at about midnight tonight ^.^