Tuesday, March 25

To blog or not...

Blogging.  A constant dilemma.  Seems entirely superfluous these days.  But then I read sweet, funny posts like this, or see beautiful photos like these and think, Yes, there is a point.

From top to bottom:

1) Work in progress on exhibition panels
2) There are always funny little things I find when tidying the girls' rooms 
3) Auditioning new bird shapes
4) That day when it felt like summer, even at 7am
5) My favourite beach activity


  1. To blog! I'm an instagram fan without a personal blog but I very much enjoy your blog and would miss it if you were no longer here!

  2. Love your visual eye Flora. Lovely post, lovely images.

  3. Keep the blog going! I so enjoy your funny little posts and your beautiful imagery!! love to all!
    Ps! love your new bird shapes!!

    1. Thanks June, I will try and do more funny in-between-work-posts like this :)

      PS I can't stop thinking about your concrete bowls with the gold and copper inside. They are so beautiful, I think I might need one - are you going to sell some in your Etsy shop at all?

  4. Love the craft..It is really cool. Keep it up