Tuesday, April 8

This / That


From top to bottom:

1) Lots of freelance work lately - mainly copying roundels damaged in storms. 
2) Wooden stepstool, a bargain.
3) Tools of the trade.
4) Sick day - defacing Boden catalogues with the kid.
5) More freelancing...
6) Running 10km.  Actually 11.
7) Visiting London.
8) Eating way too much dim sum in Chinatown.


  1. Hi Flora,
    This video landed in my inbox the other day and it made me think of you! It's Sigmar Polke's completed stained glass for a church in Zurich. Have you seen it? It's lush as they say round these parts. http://vimeo.com/38156544

    1. Oh no I haven't seen it, thanks very much I'll have a look :)