Monday, October 8

Jerwood Makers Open 2013

A quick post to spread the word to anyone who might be interested in entering the Jerwood Makers Open 2013.

Jerwood Makers Open is designed to commission and showcase new work by emerging artists working in the applied arts. Five commissions of £7,500 will be awarded to artists to create new work, which will be exhibited as part of the JVA programme at Jerwood Space, London.

This initiative offers makers at the early stages of their careers an opportunity to develop their creative ideas independently of specific commissioning structures. Artists will be chosen by an independent selection panel and must be UK resident and within 10 years of graduating or setting up their practice. The deadline for entries is 12th November 2012.  Further details about the Jerwood Makers Open and how to enter can be found here.

Launched in 2010, the Jerwood Makers Open follows on from The Jerwood Applied Arts Prize which ran for 11 years (1999-2007) in partnership with the Crafts Council, and Jerwood Contemporary Makers (2008-2010).

I've always found the work of Jerwood prize winners to be innovative and progressive, and have particularly kept my eye on the glass artists. Two of those that have interested me the most have been Heike Brachlow (2011) and Helen Maurer (2003).

Theme & Variations III - Heike Brachlow (2010)
Theme & Variations I - Heike Brachlow (2009)
Theme & Variations I - Heike Brachlow (2009)

Heike Brachlow works in cast glass, which she colours herself in order to get the subtle variations in tone.  Often her pieces seem to defy gravity and have a temporality and fragility which is deftly counterbalanced by the chunky, solid glass components.  You can read more about her process and inspirations here.

Helen Maurer works with glass and projected light.  Glass pieces and found objects are placed together on a horizontal glass shelf, like a stage set, and when light is projected through them, a new image is created on the wall above and below.  She explains her work in further depth here.

Relay Overlay - Helen Maurer (2012)
Eclipsed by the Boy - Helen Maurer (2011)
Loop - Helen Maurer (2002)


  1. I want to touch those square blocks so much, and maybe taste them a little too.

    1. Agreed - I think I could easily spend a few hours stacking them up.