Thursday, October 11

This Week.

A little post to fill in the gaps.

(If you like pictures of works in progress, foraged mushrooms and burnt toast crumb faces, these will be right up your street.)


  1. Oh yes, right up my street! Those mushrooms are amazing. x

  2. Blimey well done you on the mushrooms. I am always terrified I will eat a poisonous one. I must go on a proper idenification forage. x

    1. We did check in about 3 different books and google images to make sure, but even then Mike had one on toast first, then waited a couple of hours before we all tucked in. Very delicious they were too - Shaggy Parasols.

  3. Love the cheeky grin on your angel. We laid some turf this year and there's mushrooms coming up in it. Hope you can forage some more this weekend. Karen x