Wednesday, September 12

Victorian Stained Glass Hand Painted Quarries

Just finished this sweet set of 3 painted quarries for a client in The Netherlands.  
I like to say "The Netherlands".  First of all it sounds important and European, and then when you say it a few times it starts to sound silly, like a made-up place from a story book.

Anyway, as you can see from the first picture, the one on the bottom right is the original damaged quarry (my copy is on the left).  The two quarries on the top are new designs that the client requested to go in a missing section of the panel.  He chose Morning Glory and Shirley Poppy as they are both favourites of his wife.  I like things like that.

The repair of the window is being carried out by a stained glass studio over there, they sent me the glass which I duly painted and posted back.  I've been getting more and more work like this from other stained glass studios lately and I really enjoy it.


  1. Your paintings are really beautiful Emma, they have brightened up my evening :) I love the colours and 'aged' look to them, really stunning...Im still in awe of my glass panel, thanks so much! Safxxx

  2. amazing copy flora, bet they'll be really pleased. what exactly is a quarry - a pane of glass? makes me anxious thinking of posting glass!
    when i said 'the netherlands' over and over again, it made me think of nether regions, which is funny in itself. even to a 39 year old laydeeee :-)

    oh god...i'm 39.
    excuse me while i have a mid-life crisis live on your blog. x

    1. Yup, exactly right - one of the small square or rectangular pieces of glass that make up a grid.

      I'm also with you on the midlife crisis. And the tittering at Netherlands. Fnar.

  3. Dear Flora and Francesca,

    As I'm living all my live in The Netherlands.... I just don't get it :)

    But as by being forty and really in the center of my crisis, I chose 'bumblebee' and started tittering. Bumblebeebumblebeebumblebee....

    :) Greetings from ...