Sunday, September 16

New Cards, Old Cards

Just taken delivery of these very nice new postcards featuring my Chevron Leaf Design.  They're mainly to send out with orders and for general stationery usage, although I might list them in my shops as well, when I get a minute.

I've also reduced the price on all my blank cards to £2.00 including UK postage.
I have the Linear Flower, Circus Elephant and Friendly Acorn designs left.

Excuse the grainyness of the images, they're taken on Instagram, on my new tray (you'll probably be seeing rather a lot of that tray).


  1. Such lovely cards! Did you get them from Moo? I've got to put an order in, going to get Mini cards and stickers for my 'business' (I will make it happen one day, when my children let me!) but would love to get some postcards done one day too. And very nice tray! Hope you've had a great weekend. xx

    1. Thanks Rachel - I get the blank cards printed from Moo, but I can't quite bring myself to pay for their humungously overpriced postcards, so I get them from Vistaprint - always very reliable and quick. I do love the stickers and minicards from Moo as well - worth signing up for their emails as they regularly have offers on for free postage, 15% off, that kind of thing.

      Lovely weekend thanks, hope yours was too x