Thursday, August 16

Nothing Finished

Nothing gets finished in the summer holidays.

Housework, laundry, gardening, sentences...

But especially craft projects.

This is one of the few that almost made it.


  1. Oooh, I like it! I've always made multi-coloured paper chains, but black and white patterns look good! And yes pretty much same here, though I got a bit of sewing done yesterday because the boys' Dad was off work - it felt great to make something for myself! I meant to ask you Flora - have you been to the chapel on St Michaels Mount in Cornwall? Amazing stained glass windows, I got very carried away taking photos - if you've never been I can email some pics to you if you'd like? Rachel x

    1. Oh, no I haven't - would love to see them, but only if you've time.

      A sewing day sounds good, lucky you!


  2. Oh I feel your pain!

    Loved your personalised Lovebirds btw :)

  3. Love these flora, good to catch up with your stuff. Gotta get a bauble this year! Love them. x