Monday, August 20


We had a really good weekend visiting friends in Hastings.

Friends who live in a stunning Edwardian house that they are lovingly restoring,

who make the most amazing breakfasts and dinners (which I didn't photograph - too busy scoffing),

who get given giant prize-winning cabbages by their neighbours,

who let my 5 year old dig around in their garden for broken pottery
(and then patiently ooh and aahh at all her treasures),

and who take us to amazing places.


  1. cor that cabbage is enormous! It's like something from Roald Dahl! x

  2. marvellous! but where is the banjo?

  3. I have only just found your blog and I love it. Funnily enough I was in the De La Warr this weekend (we live in Bexhill on Sea) watching The Italian Job on a large screen. The car park was filled with lovely old and new mini's for a photo shoot. I hope you enjoyed visiting. Karen X

    1. Hi Karen - we were there right when they were doing that photoshoot! Were told to get out the way quickly though, what with not owning a Mini between the six of us and all that...