Friday, July 20

Tiny House People

I stumbled across this trailer for a documentary about people who live in absurdly tiny houses.  I say absurd, but secretly I'd love to live in one.  I'm often to be found lurking in the shed department at our local garden store.   I think my obsession with living in a shed probably started with the badly dubbed German (?) TV series of Heidi.  Her bedroom was up a ricketty little ladder in the hayloft at her Granfather's log cabin and I always thought it looked the perfect place to sleep.


Sorry for the absence, I've been catching up on 8 years worth of housework in order to make my house presentable for a photoshoot.  I shall be annoyingly coy about it for now, but all will be revealed soon!


  1. Really enjoyed this film. Thanks for posting it Flora. I just love these tiny houses too ! Ellie x

  2. Ooh I like this a lot! Makes our flat look huge for once! :D

    Photoshoot sounds exciting!

  3. oh that sounds exciting flora, keep us posted!
    this reminds me of a video i was going to post about, the barcelona apartment featured in that doc is amazing! there's a whole video about his place - will try and get round to posting it next week.
    and of course heidi - i'm glad you're old enough to remember that. some people only remember the cartoon. 'peter! peter!'. me and my sis still do impressions of how heidi used to help clara into her bed, as she did not have use of her legs. still makes us crack up. x