Saturday, July 28

Spot The Difference / Dobble

If, like me, you have small children who are easily bored + 6 weeks of school holidays in front of you, here are two things we are currently enjoying.

Tak Bui's Spot the Difference.  If you have had quite enough of Where's Wally thank you very much, this is a better alternative.  Nice illustrations, plenty of things to spot (we like to put stickers on the differences we find for extra stickery fun), cute rabbits.  What's not to love?

Dobble.  A bit like Snap, a bit like Pictureka, but - crucially - as tricky for the adults as it is for the kids.  And utterly addictive.

What I also really like about both of these is that they are gender neutral.
Always good to find something that everyone can play.

If you have any recommendations for games/books/fun that you are enjoying with your kids this summer, please share!


Here are Francesca's suggestions.


  1. this is great flora, ta. def gonna get the spot the difference, isi loves spotting the difference and yes i am sick of where's wally thank you very much. i don't give a flying **** where he is in fact. and as for odlaw...
    will look into dobble too but unfortunately gus is at an age where if we get any kind of cards out, he likes to come and throw them at everyone, so maybe not so good!

  2. Oooh, they look good - my daughter loves spot-the-difference. She's only just got into Wally so we're not sick of him yet, but I think rabbits might be more her thing! Thank you for posting this :-).