Tuesday, March 27


This short and sweet tag is currently doing the rounds - thanks to Caroline for passing it on to me.  

A big hairy lion.

I used to get asked this about 20 times a day by my daughters a few months back.  I decided the best policy was to keep answering the same colour and eventually they'd get bored.  It worked, but it did take about 3 months for them to tire of it.   The answer was, and still is RED.

Non-Alcoholic drink:  

Facebook or Twitter:  
Twitter.  Mainly because there are some very funny people on it.  And because I have the attention span of an amoeba.

Getting or giving presents:  
Giving.  I think.  But getting is good too.

Nasturtium.  Great colours, great leaves, lovely in a salad.

Changes all the time.  I like blocky geometric patterns but I also like spindly hand-drawn patterns.

Stained glass, of course.  Both contemporary and traditional.  

Erm... nope, it's no good, I'm finding it hard to muster an emotional response about a number, sorry.

I'll pass this on to anyone who wants to do it.

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