Sunday, March 25

Attention Monsieur!

This design very nearly made the cutting room floor in my recent re-assessment of things.  But I'm just too fond of the driver.... a bit Monsieur Hulot meets Mr Magoo.  

The main problem with it is that it usually requires two firings in the kiln -  the black of the tyres often has lighter patches with only one firing, so needs to be touched-up and fired again.  I guess I should investigate the possibility of using kiln-firable glass transfers for certain designs, but then it begs the question, why not use them for all the designs?  Hmm, but where would be the fun in that...?

1 comment:

  1. Are you going to struggle to cut some designs I wonder? I imagine it must be hard to lose things that you have lovingly designed. I feel for you. Good luck.