Saturday, March 31


I just had one of those "steam coming out of my ears" moments.  I was listening to my answering machine messages, and Isla was doing the whole "MUM!  MUM!  ITS VERY IMPORTANT.  MUM! LISTEN TO ME!" thing, and I'm doing the whole "SHH, SHH, MUMMY'S ON THE PHONE" thing.  And one of the messages was from someone who was phoning about some stained glass they wanted.  And instead of pressing #1 so I could listen to it again, in my fluster I pressed #3 and deleted the message.  


So if you're reading and you phoned on Thursday and you might be called Kay or Kate (hard to tell with a 4 year old shouting in your ear)  and you wanted to ask me about some stained glass, I'm sorry I haven't returned your call and please try again or email me. 



  1. Any chance your phone would have stored the number in its log so you could ring them back?

  2. Nope, it's not a new-fangled phone. More like the one pictured! But thanks, I might see if there's any chance I could track it down via BT.