Saturday, April 7


Been a busy old week - visiting best friends in Bristol... long lazy days at the beach... impromptu family reunions around the kitchen table with never ending mugs of coffee... tidying and sorting.  Squeezed a bit of work in too.

I liked this French stock cube tin at my friend's house 
(but I think she may have thought me bonkers for snapping it)

We've scoffed a fair few of these lately.

Work in progress on my current commission.

And in case you were wondering (I'm sure you were) I haven't heard back from my mystery caller from the last post.  Yet.  


  1. Your wip looks very exciting- can't wait to see the finished item! Grr how annoying about your phone call, hope they ring back xx

  2. You were in Bristol and you didn't pop in? Well! ;-) x

  3. I love the stock cube tin! I would have photographed it too. Looking forward to seeing your wip finished, I love the patterns you're using. :-)

    1. Thanks! I did photograph all four sides though...

  4. i love that tin too. and your kiln looks exciting. shame about the mystery caller, hope they'll try again. x