Sunday, January 1


A list of things I am feeling very excited about in 2012
(in no particular order)

Both children in school 9-3 five days a week


Re-organising workshop and office

Starting work on three commissions

Making myself a new website

Magazine interview

Spa Day with my very lovely sister

Making some new designs that have been 
floating around in my head for too long


A weekend away with my best girlfriends

Swimming more regularly

Submitting work for an exhibition here

Spring returning


Not looking pallid

Family camping weekends

Being more organised

Being more proactive

How about you?

Sunny Day collage by Isla


  1. Liking your new avatar on Twitter.

    I love your idea of blogging your New Year list, it sounds like you are going to get really organised in 2012 and have some good fun, enjoy your camping and spa weekend - I think I might add a list to my blog now, I might stick to it if I share it!

  2. Hi Flora, I like your list, I see top was my fav from last year ie having both kids in school 9-3, it really does make such a difference and if yours are like mine they really enjoy school. Hope you have a great 2012! Beth (the linen cat)x

  3. rocking collage isla! love your list. you're about 2 years ahead of me school-wise and i can't wait to spread my wings a bit more. also looking forward to spring and hoping that my mum might stop saying 'oh. you look pale' quite as much. x

  4. Yes it's all quite wonderful having a bit more time. Nothing to show for it yet though, still clearing up the Christmas backlog of chaos in the house!