Wednesday, January 11


I wasn't expecting to be quite so busy in January, 
I was expecting at least a week or two of extended tea breaks
and gentle tidyupping after all the festive mayhem.
But WALLOP, straight in with 3 commissions,
press requests, website designing and, er, the occasional tea break.

So, I have adopted this as my motto 
when I feel less than satisfied with my day's progress.


  1. is that your own design ? ... i love it
    reminds me of a headstone i saw. " she had a good life'
    now have a cup of tea , you deserve it

  2. No, not my work - a window in a church where I am designing a new memorial window. It caught my eye!

  3. Love it. The motto and the window.

  4. Fantastic motto, and what a great photo of it.

  5. I do wish that window was in my front door. Not that I've done what I could, really, but one likes to brag a bit.

  6. Well, true Mise. I probably could hath done a bit more.