Monday, September 12

Good Books

I've found some very nicely illustrated children's books recently.

The first two were picked up at a book fair in Collioure 
and are published by Editions Grandir.  

We were lucky enough that they had the 
English translations of the 2 books we loved.

The last one came from a car boot sale a few weeks back.

The other browsers at the stall may still have the bruises 
from my elbowing past to grab it.

I like the slightly Christmassy feel of the last image.

Which reminds me, I'd better get busy making....


  1. love the first one especially. really beautiful illustrations - that table image - gorgeous. x

  2. I'm quite excited about your book finds, I've never heard of the French publishers Editions Grandir - will be looking into that for sure!

  3. After doing a bit of web research, I think this publishing house belongs to the same people who own / used to own ? Lirabelle . They lived in our village and have moved to Nîmes. Dominique dreamt of buying their beautiful wooden house when it was for sale - alas, too expensive - a small world, isn't it!

  4. They look really nice especially the first one.

  5. How funny Deborah - they were a lovely couple, very helpful and, I think, pleased to have such eager customers!

  6. I can never pass by a beautifully illustrated children's book at a boot sale or in a charity shop. Always mean to use them for inspiration but I usually just enjoy looking at them.

  7. Oh I wish I knew more little people to share pretty books with, but then I wouldn't want them to get MY books messy. They remind me of the Spanish books when I was young, especially the top one. They were so much nicer than English books at the time or at least the bookshops were I was in heaven.