Wednesday, September 7

Holiday Snaps

I've been enjoying playing with my new toy.

Here's our holiday, ahem, courtesy of Instagram and Hipstamatic
(late to the bandwagon as ever)

We stayed here, here and here.  

I can't recommend Casa Migdia highly enough...
(click around the floor plan on their site to get a good look)
It is run by a French family, so feels both French and Spanish at the same time.

My expectations of it were pretty high, but it far exceeded them.

For example, I wasn't expecting it to smell quite so NICE everywhere.
I wasn't expecting our room to have THE BEST SHOWER EVER
(and the most amazing sleigh bed for Nelly)
I wasn't expecting the gentleman who was minding it for the owners
to be so very affable
I wasn't expecting the breakfast in the garden to be quite so delicious
I wasn't expecting a Babyfoot table in the bar, cold beers and a wonderfully eclectic assortment of French chanteurs coming from the speakers.
I wasn't expecting to find a thrillingly huge collection of French interiors magazines...

Can't wait to go back.


  1. oh, fabulous! I recognise the first hotel in Collioure, having walked past it a few times but the 2nd place looks wonderful! Bookmarking for a weekend away, along with the campsite (was it OK too?). I love that area, and cadaques as well, + it's only a couple of hours away in the car. You've got me planning something now!

  2. wow that place looks amazing! popping that in my travel folder thank you very much! lovely pics too. addicted. x

  3. Hi Deb and Francesca, funnily enough I was thinking of both of you when I wrote this - I had a feeling you'd like the look of Casa Migdia! Yes the campsite is also great - amazing location right on the Costa Brava - some of the pitches for tents are perched just above the turquoise coves . We stayed in a wooden cabin, basic but fun! Great facilities at the campsite (pool, restaurant etc) but also felt quite low key and private as well.

  4. I have some more exceeding to add to that: I wasn't expecting your photos to be so wonderfully atmospheric.