Tuesday, September 20

Sofa Crush

I seem to have developed a hopeless, can't-stop-looking-at-the-picture,
need-to-get-me-some-of-that, full on girly crush on this sofa and its styling.

I'm loving the midcentury-modern-meets-Finnish-folk feel of it.

It's giving me all kinds of ideas as to what to put in our summer house 
now that it's getting colder (and my mum has nicked her sofa back).

(Image from Living Etc. January 2011 - Oliver Heath's House)


  1. I love the look of those sofas too - that mid-century style gets me every time.


  2. Fab - a perfect place to show off handmade cushions don't you think. And my ambition is life is for a wood stove!

  3. oh yes, imagine a cosy little nook like that in your summerhouse. big blankets and reading books. x