Friday, June 17


Mooching around Pinterest the other day,
I came across a print for the Sasquatch Music Festival
that really caught my eye.

Gosh that looks similar, I thought,
to my Chevron Leaf design (below)

So I thought I'd better just check out some dates
Just to make sure that I hadn't seen their design
and subconciously come up with exactly* the same leaf/feather shape

I checked.


It seems that

I posted the design on the internet before they did

*The shape of the leaf/feather is exactly the same
The colour sequence is exactly the same
The black lines are exactly the same

Just sayin'


  1. Pah! Well they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Hugs xxx

  2. I hate it when that kind of thing happens. Don't worry, we are all clear :)

  3. And they've made a hash of it - your design has much cleaner lines.

    Thanks for the info re stained glass outside - I had a notion of hanging some pieces from the roof of a shed, but I see what you mean about it not doing the glass justice.

  4. it happens to the best of us. and i HATE IT! just sayin'. x

  5. ouch ,, that's just so frustratingly rotten, you have copywrite on your designs... i wonder what the legal issue it worth pursuing ?.....the person who copied you can't feel good about it , i'd let them know you know anyway.....
    YOUR design is genius and the colour combinations are just least you can hold you head very one respects a plagiarist