Friday, June 24

Victorian Stained Glass

I'd like to do a little celebratory tap-dance
(well, I would if I could tap-dance)

I've FINISHED this job which has consumed me for quite a few months now.

These panels are for a beautiful Victorian Rectory in North Dorset,
to match in with the existing originals.
However, the clients wanted to personalise them a bit,
so chose to have a long-tailed tit (their favourite bird)
depicted in the central panel of the three.

Each quarry (diamond shaped pane of glass) was hand-painted
(not screen printed) and required 4 separate firings.
There were about 75 of them in all

I was particularly proud of the little wasp flying next to the long-tailed tit.

There is a bit of a late-summer theme that carries on
in the front door panels which I also designed and made...

...more of which anon.


  1. woo! well done on all that hard work, it looks ace!

  2. Flora, it's absolutely beautiful! When the universe bestows upon me the large sum of money it owes me, I hope to commission you to make me a gala front door in this vein, with bees.

  3. good grief. you are so clever, it hurts xxx

  4. Fantastic work Flora! Well done and you should be so proud. Must be lovely to have a commission work like that. xm

  5. bloody hell flora, well done. massive job. 75 of those pieces! love the wasp. details like that make it extra special. x

  6. I like the wasp but it doesn't measure up to the 'Beekin' on my front door. But I like to think a bee smoking a gerkin can only ever be a one off!!

  7. Serendipity (and Google...) helped me find your work all the way across the Atlantic here in Virginia The window above is flawless. Your absolute attention to detail shows!!