Wednesday, April 6

Chevron Leaf

More newness in my shops!

Chevron Leaf, in my favourite favourite colour combination
of ochre, indigo and grey.

When I get more time, I am TOTALLY making
a full size window with a repeat pattern of this motif.
A bit like this:


Thanks for all your nice comments and input on my last post.
It's really good to get feedback.


  1. wow, this is gorgeous! Love the colour combo. Total yum! Lou x p.s thanks for following me on pinterest....x

  2. The leaves make a beautiful window, and there's something a bit Bridget Riley about it; it seems to move (though I'm sober).

  3. This is lovely! Do you do commissions? x

  4. oh wow! love it. of course. now, should i pin that on my chevron board, or my yellow & grey board. life's soooo hard sometimes. x

  5. I love this. Lots.

    Chelle Y