Tuesday, March 29


We've got this funny little door in our bathroom
Which leads nowhere, except to the hot water tank.
And it's kind of half-way up the wall.
I think it's my favourite thing in our whole house.

Even more now I've appropriated this gorgeous tea-towel
by Leah Duncan as a curtain (to hide said hot water tank).


I've made a few changes hither and thither.
New header. New profile pic.

Been a bit confusicated about my blogging style lately.
More chatty? Less chatty?
More random stuff?
(Yeah, like, a post about a door. In my bathroom)
Or keep more focussed on work?
More personal, less personal?
Or just carry on ambling and rambling aimlessly?

Your thoughts much appreciated!


  1. Oooh that teatowel looks fab- although naturally would have expected you to have designed some sort of special custom-made stained glass doobery to go there!

    I love your blog just the way it is xxx

  2. Yes I'm with Charley. Your blog is great... I like to see little quirks and insights into the life of Flora as well as your lovely work. Keep it up! Lou x

  3. yep - bit of both is great. tea towel and secret door are great and just a perfect balance to lovely work.

  4. oooh blog makeover! (i don't get out much.) i love your blog. i think it's got a similar balance to mine - some work, some rambling. i like that. plus you make me laugh which is always a good thing and you taught me a new word: "confusicated" so i'm learning too! really lovely picture of you by the way. x

    p.s door also v pretty. i'd like a closet with glass panelled doors so i could adorn it with gorgeous fabric.

  5. I love your blog, don't go changing. Although, I do love the new header.
    Chelle Y

  6. I must confess to following you on Pinterest now too... hope you don't mind! Blush. Chelle Y

  7. love the door. I love little quirks like that in houses! using a tea towel is such a cool idea. love your blog btw.

  8. Thank you sweet people - I guess sometimes you just feel like you're wittering on to yourself! Thought I'd better check :)

    Chelle - I'll go and look for you on Pinterest now!

    Francesca - I am so loving your blog at the moment (well I've always loved it, but you seem to be especially spot-on lately)

    I was so pleased when I saw that the measurements of that tea towel matched those of the door. I had some rather dreadful faux Cath Kidston there before. It annoyed me every day!

  9. I may have to steal that tea-towel idea, as the glass panels between my utility room and tv room always annoy me. I suppose ingenuity will have to be applied to making it look ok from both sides. You look exactly as I imagined, but more inscrutable.

  10. Thanks flo! Can we all call you flo from now on? I've always been tempted! X

  11. For what it's worth I like the simple beautiful personal content (the two little girls eating soup in the car, how precious is that?! or a memorable one "the little red monkey" post with little girl dancing surrounded by the great colourful home fabrics) and of course your lovely stained glass work...

  12. Thanks Louise - that's such a sweet and thoughtful comment :)

  13. I forgot to say how much I love your special door... I hanker after something like that. I love the tea towel treatment too, but the door makes me jealous.

  14. What louise said....
    and i'll add, just keep on keeping on..and if its not broken don't fix it....
    nice to get a proper look at you..
    ps i'd like a tutorial on how you get that top column under the header which has those links....did you have to change your template??

  15. love your blog and hearing about your personal stuff as well as your gorgeous work, it's fab!!

  16. Great header Flora. I think your style is lovely as it is but is up to you to include what you feel happy with sharing. Yes, I would quite like to know how you got the top column too. My blog is misbehaving in a big way at the moment so I don't want to do anything to make it worse but I do like that top bit.