Sunday, February 6

Happy Valley

A new design, to celebrate nearing the end of dreary old winter!

I've had this idea floating around my head for a few months now.
I really love domestic stained glass of the 1930s - usually circular door panels
featuring cottages, sea scapes, countryside, sun rays, poplar trees - you know the kind of thing.
The sort your Great Auntie might have had.

So I wanted to do my version of the classic sunburst,
but with a more contemporary feel.

I can honestly say this panel was a joy to make.

Available to buy from my Folksy and Etsy shops now.


  1. It makes me smile just to see it. How happy our Great Aunties must have been.

  2. this is sooooo lovely! look how happy he is! makes me smile. x

  3. love it !!!! I will purchase one or two soon, they are in my want book! I love seeing your new designs!

  4. this is gorgeous Flora! I love the 1930's inspired design and the colours too:)

  5. and a joy to look at....though i think you may be fibbing slightly because i can see there's some intricate cuts on those curves ms fj and that's not easy , well not easy for me anyhow.....i love your style ms. fj .....that sun is alive and her name is ms joy springy (the first)

  6. Glad to be of service in the cheering department! Thanks for all your comments xx

  7. When i was teeny young I think there was a TV series called the Sullivans and it had a sun in the door of the opening sequence. I loved it so much I remember it still. Every door should have one! This is very lovely my dear.

  8. Oh gorgeous! love it! so positive and cheery, it's on my favourites and wish list :)

  9. Re your comment on my blog: then maybe you'd like to join our facebook group 'i love andi from cbeebies'