Saturday, January 29

Pop pop

We were so excited to find 2 of these on the market last week.

They're called Pop Pop boats, and they work just like the one
Sosuke and Ponyo travel on in our film of the moment.
A candle-powered boat.

Nothing more fun than seeing them whizz around, puttering away.

Even the packaging is a little bit fab.


  1. Ah they look great! we love the Ponyo film too! fab find :)

  2. Ooh! Where on the market? Fin has a baking soda submarine, balloon powered wooden boat and an army of rubber ducks - this would be a great addition to the fleet.

    x x x

  3. oh yes. lovely. we too have the balloon powered wooden boat (above). not particularly speedy! x

  4. Oh what a great idea. Who would ever have thought of that..but someone did..haha.