Friday, February 11


Just been driving through the countryside.
Am pleased to report the sighting of Catkins.
I love everything about catkins:
The way they dangle in the breeze, their colour,
their sense of timing, but mostly, their name.

A couple of years ago I thrifted some pretty
vintage Pyrex plates which I used to celebrate my
love of the aforementioned. I have been scouring the
local junk shops for more since then, but to no avail.

If you see any on your travels, will you let me know?


  1. That's absolutely charming! Makes me happy just looking at it.

  2. Catkins, now there's a lovely word from my childhood in England. What a pretty, spring-like plate.

  3. Very pretty plate. We are going out for a walk later, so will keep a look out for catkins.

  4. Can I hug your plate please? Gingham bird happiness and catkins to stroke the face with... that's normal right?

  5. excellent use for a clear plate, i have one plain one which i don't enjoy eating off i'll be honest....prefer a white plate me...if I never get the chance to present it to you in person i will bequeath it to you when i die
    catkins are indeed lovely in ever way, especially as illustrated by fj from bridport. ( home of pj harvey i've just been informed!)

  6. Lovely plate. I love catkins and all those little markers of the seasons. Lovely.