Wednesday, September 22


I'm spending far too much time on Pinterest at the moment.
It is strangely satisfying to put all those images that have
been floating around my head in to some kind of order.

You can only join by invite currently.
I have some available, just let me know your email.

(Images from here, here and here.)


  1. What beautiful images- I especially like the middle one as yellow is my colour of the moment.

    Your stained glass is incredible- I feel a bit of early Christmas shopping coming on!


  2. more patterns.. love them too. Just been to Pinterest, and noticed you've picked up Lucienne Day, I love her work also. (thank you for putting up mine there too! blushing :) xm

  3. Flora thanks for the fab comment on my blog it's made me laugh so much! I've never taken anyone to knob heaven before! x

  4. oh - that does look inspirational. You are so the queen of net browsing for eye candy.