Monday, September 27

Oh Comely

I recently subscribed to Oh Comely magazine. I love it.
It's full of interesting, not-too-wordy
articles on music, art, craft, fashion and life.
There is a quiet, calm, uncluttered feel to the whole publication.

They've asked Folksy sellers to submit work
with the theme "Every item tells a story".

This is what I submitted.

It's called "Some Lived.... Some Died"
An original illustration, hand-painted on
mouth-blown glass and kiln-fired, then
mounted in a lead frame.


  1. That's a beautiful image, and particularly beautifully wonkily framed.

  2. Love this Flora, my favourite piece to date I think, wonkyness and all :)

  3. Thanks!...wonkyness entirely intentional. Straight lines can be so boring :^)

  4. aside from the fact that it is indeed a very beautiful illustration i love the matter of factness of its title too.
    in an effort to come up with another way of describing you as a genius i've consulted my thesaurus and ......if you don't mind .....the informal description is 'egghead'....won't melvin be pleased ???
    you really are an incredible egghead ms flora.

  5. it's lovely flora. the colours are especially beautiful, i love how that yellow glows. x

  6. what a beautiful piece I love it, and the way you've framed it with the wonky lead is perfect! I love Oh comely, I discovered it on holiday fab read :)

  7. Oh this is lovely Flora. I love the way it's framed too. xm